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Have you ever heard a song that takes you on a trip down memory lane to a time or place where one of your fondest memories was created?  It’s crazy how songs can ignite feelings of happiness and warmth and lift our spirits.  In fact music tends to set the mood for many occasions in our lives. Whether it be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding or just about any event that is party worthy, music provides that little extra that makes these special moments even better.  Have you ever watched a movie and the background music starts to play at just the right time for just the right type of mood setting?  Thats is kind of how we as Dj’s feel about the music we provide for your special life events.  Here in Lake Tahoe we see a lot of people from near and far travel to our beautiful surroundings to celebrate their special moments in life.  Probably one of the biggest events we see people come to tahoe for are weddings.  If you haven’t ever been here you might not understand but for those of you that have you know that pretty much all of Lake Tahoe and it’s surrounding areas are a place of magic.    Here at Tahoe DJs we provide all of Lake Tahoe and those towns around us such as South Lake Tahoe, Incline Village, Kings Beach, Crystal Bay, Zephyr Cove, Tahoma, Olympic Valley, Truckee, Tahoe Vista and many other surrounding California and Nevada areas with the best Wedding DJ that you can find.   We offer professional DJ for hire services for all kinds of events and celebrations although we love weddings!  Because we love weddings and being apart of them we are also very familiar with most if not all  Tahoe wedding venues and therefore DJ pretty much just about any wedding venue you may choose.  If you want our advice we can also give you great insight to some of the best wedding venues in the surrounding Tahoe area.  

First things first things first however.  Im sure now that you know about our great DJ services we have to offer you might have some questions about what we do and what we provide as part of our services.  We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help get you started and of course if you have any yourself please don’t hesitate to fill out our free quote form or give us a call at 555-555-5555.

What Services/ Amenities are included in your DJ services?

We get asked a lot about what we include in our DJ services provided for weddings and what it comes down to is what are clients really want or need.  As always you will get a great DJ, state of the art speakers and equipment and a great MC.  The rest depends on what exactly you envision for your special day.  There are many types of lighting you can choose from as well as little extras that can be tailored to your DJ package to create exactly the type of atmosphere and ambiance that you are envisioning for your special day.

What Types of Lighting do you offer?

We have a variety of different lighting techniques and equipment we can use.  From Uplighting to Monograms, special dance floor lighting, accent lighting, and Moon balloons(yes they are real) we have a variety of different lighting techniques for you to choose from.  We want to ensure that your special day is carried out just as you envision and want it to be as special for you and your partner as possible.  We strive to help carry out your wedding entertainment with class and perfection!

What other types of Equipment do you provide for music etc.?

Being that this is our area of expertise and our passion in life we will only settle for the best equipment out there.  That being said we have emulators, subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers, sound cards, intimidator spotlight, and the newest DJ software out there.  We strive to produce the best sound and clarity out there and will settle for nothing less so why should you.

Do you DJ different Ethnic Weddings?

We love being apart of all types of weddings no matter what ethnicity you may be. In fact we we love seeing how different cultures celebrate and we feel privileged to get to be a part of the celebration.  We believe that music is not confined to just one group of people and love to share our dj and MC expertise with anyone who wishes to celebrate.

How involved in my wedding festivities will the DJ be?

This is a great question because it all depends on what you want as our client.  Some people like the DJ to MC everything and get the crowd going and keep up the moral, others wish to have the DJ be a little more silent and just provide music.  Remember this is your day and it is up to you to decide how you want it carried out.  We love announcing  your wedding party and keeping your guests engaged throughout the evening.  You need to get people on that dance floor, we definitely know how to do that!

What about Backup equipment?

We always want to ensure our clients that should there be any issue with equipment, lighting etc that we come prepared.  Not only do we carry a backup laptop with our DJ software installed we also make sure to have 2 backup mics one cordless and one with cord should there be a mic issue.  Speakers and lighting are the same.  All equipment is checked thoroughly before setting up at your chosen wedding venue and is inspected and tested prior to the start of your wedding  Should we have any issues we have backup on hand to make sure any issue is corrected.

What music will you play?

Again this depends on our guest’s preference and what they would like to hear.  We will schedule a meeting with you and your partner to compile a list of your favorite songs you would like to hear and of course get your wedding song on the list.  If you need an suggestions as to what to lay for dance music or just throughout the evening we have a lot of expertise in that area as well.  We will then go over what songs will be played when to give you a general idea of what to expect at your reception.

How many time will you meet with me before the big day?

In general we will have our first initial consult to go over packages chosen etc.  We then will meet at the venue of your choice to discuss where we will set up how the lightning and any other special effect you have requested be placed.  It gives us a moment to go through a dry run of what to expect on your big day as well as gives you a little more of a piece of mind  that everything is as it should be and up to your expectations.  Our main goal is to make sure that you and your partner are satisfied and content with the DJ services  that will be provided to you.